#20 – Featuring Bitcoin Veteran Daniel Ameli

Welcome fellas!

Today on the pod we were joined by Bitcoin veteran Daniel Ameli.

Daniel is a Data Scientist with a BA in Economics from NYU. He has a MBA from Hult International Business School. He’s worked in futures, options, and derivatives in traditional financial markets and has a background in math, science, and computers. Daniel has been involved in Bitcoin since 2010 as a miner, investor, and trader.

He has developed automated trading systems, valuation models, and arbitrage strategies. Daniel is knowledgeable about information security, market structure, databases, exchanges, regulations, consensus protocols, game theory, memory pool/fee structure, cryptography, hashing functions, and important events, people, and companies in the cryptocurrency space. Daniel currently advises crypto startups and has been kind enough to hop on the show today.

Be a fly on the wall as they discuss:

  • Losses continue for major cryptos
  • Tim Draper stands by his bitcoin price prediction of $250k by 2022
  • European Central Bank FUD
  • What it was like mining bitcoin in 2010
  • What could happen to btc in the next 2 years that will surprise you
  • Controversial thoughts on the crypto ecosystem
  • Insights from 9 years of experience mining, investing and trading Bitcoin

and a whole lot more!

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Show Notes:

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About the author, Dan

Dan Brown is a nomad capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Dan is a content creator and passionate about merging entrepreneurship with blockchain in order to create financial freedom.

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