#17 – Coinbase IPO, VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF Could be Approved by SEC?

This Friday’s episode brings the boys together to discuss some big stories.

Listen in:

  • Tether redemption?
  • Sony moving in to crypto with a mainstream wallet
  • 5 reasons why VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF could be approved by the SEC in 2019
  • Stock market plunges with no impact on crypto?
  • Income tax in crypto, the end of the year is near…
  • Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary invests $100k in to Bitcoin investing app
  • Coinbase IPO announcement


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Thanks for listening fellas.

About the author, Dan

Dan Brown is a nomad capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Dan is a content creator and passionate about merging entrepreneurship with blockchain in order to create financial freedom.

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