#14 – Featuring Crypto Cowboys Founder Hameed Hemmat

On today’s show we bring that hitter, Hameed Hemmat, Founder of Crypto Cowboys

On today’s show:

  • Common misconceptions in crypto
  • How Hameed works out (and what he hates most about it)
  • Current crypto news and propoganda
  • Why Crypto Cowboys came to be
  • The biggest problem Hameed sees in the industry
  • What Hameed thinks is true that almost nobody else agrees with
  • Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash
  • Short and long term predictions for btc

and a whole load more!

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Thanks for listening 🙂

Show Notes:

Crypto Cowboys: Join Hameed’s group to get inside access to all things cryptocurrency, including (but not limited to) trading, news, technical analysis, ICOs, and much more!

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About the author, Dan

Dan Brown is a nomad capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Dan is a content creator and passionate about merging entrepreneurship with blockchain in order to create financial freedom.

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